Albert and Otto v1.0.5 APK: on this first installment “the adventure starts offevolved” the player is thrown headfirst right into a haunting internationalset in 1939 Germany searching for a mysterious woman with bunny ears.
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Albert and Otto

Clues as to who she is and what came about to her are scattered at some stage in the sport within the shape of drawings left in put up bins and shards that the participant need to piece together.
but the player isn’t always alone in this adventure, assist comes inside the form of the woman’s magical bunny, Otto.

The player have to use both Albert and Otto in creative methods to traverse a haunting international. At the start of the tale, Albert can shoot and leap, while Otto can match via tight gaps and hold down energy switches. however together, they free up new capabilities which include a double leap, levitation, manipulate of electrical currents, and extra because the storyunfolds.


specific mechanic utilising a touch bunny which the participant can carry round or leave and/or remotely manipulate a good way to clear up puzzles.
A tale this is stimulated by using darkish events buried in our records and isn’t spoon fed to the player but spans across 3episodes and is advised via a child’s drawings and clues scattered for the duration of the game that pressure the participantto think outside the container.
Levitate sheep, use them as structures to swim on, a torch to light a darkish cave or as a distraction for wolves while you makea brief escape. (if your stomach can deal with it)
2.5three hours of specific puzzles that make use of a bunny, levitation, electric switches, wolves, piranhas and greater.
revel in a mix of slow paced concept provoking puzzle layout and rapid Unforgiving gauntlet sections.
Come head to head with intimidating larger than existence mechanical monsters and outsmart them.
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Albert and Otto