Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) Apk v5.53 : Battery physician is a loose battery saving app which can increase your battery lifestyles up to 50% by way offinding apps and settings that drain electricity in your device. be part of 330+ million customers on Android and iOS who’ve seen the blessings!

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) expert, smooth to use and supporting 27 languages, Battery physician by way of Cheetah cell (formerlycalled KS cellular) offers a longer life on your Android telephone , affords you with particular battery records and enables it charge healthily with our unique three stage Charging system. experience an high-qualityenergy saving experience that’s as exact as mission Volta, even earlier than Android L comes out.

defend your Juice!
discover what’s draining your power. modify your draining settings (e.g. brightness) and disable needless apps that drain your battery.

appropriately Estimates ultimate Battery Time
Tells how lengthy battery will remaining beneath a spread of situations (playing games, wifi on or off, etc)

expert Charging
Battery medical doctor regulates the manner wherein your device is charged with a completely unique threelevel Charging device to ensure you get the most from your battery and reminds you now not to over charge. It additionally has capabilities that can display and regulate energy intake.

Widget covered
Our “challenge Killer” widget will optimize your energy intake without difficulty. The four×1 widget makes it easier to manipulate Wifi, facts, Brightness, etc, and set strength saving modes.

Key features:

Disable pointless apps that drain your battery!
project Killer kills obligations with one click!
Kill apps whilst display screen is off!
accurate battery closing time!
correct charging final time!
schedule electricity saving modes for work/elegance/sleep and more!
unique three degree Charging device!
Wifi/facts/Bluetooth toggle!
Brightness control!
CPU management (for rooted phones)!
Battery temperature!
Charging suggestions!
15 languages supported!
simple smooth-to-use interface!
Battery doctor fanatics, please be part of our beta testing group. Be the first to attempt our latest updates, document insects, and call developers.


Q: Can Battery medical doctor save power and expand battery life?
A: yes!
tap the circle at the home screen (save strength) to kill strength hog apps that aren’t presently in use to improve battery lifestyles.
Run our app even as charging to allow Battery doctor manipulate the system with its particular three stage Charging machine that guarantees a longer battery life.
Use the “undertaking Killer” widget to optimize your strength consumption without problems

Q: what’s a full charge and why does it count number?
A: Plug for your phone whilst the battery has approximately 20% ultimate and maintain to charge until Battery medical doctor tells you the third level of trickle charging is complete. Do now not overcharge by using keeping your tool plugged in nor undercharge with the aid of charging in brief bursts on every occasionhandy.

Q: How does “Saving Mode” paintings?
A: “Saving Mode” is an excessive placing that shuts down all non-essential capabilities of your smartphone with exception of creating smartphone calls and sending/receiving textual content messages. WiFi, records, GPS, etc will all be shut down to ensure battery existence and defend your juice.

Q: How do I set up the widgets?
A: The “challenge Killer” widget will robotically seem on your property display screen with set up. the other widget that video display units WiFi/GPS/and so on may be established simply as some other widget on yourdevice could be set up.

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