Crime Secrets v1.3 APK: Step into the shoes of a non-public detective and comply with the trail to a dark beyond hidden within a small town’s snowy vacation resort.

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Crime secrets and techniques (complete)

CRIME secrets: pink LILY IS A fascinating blend OF HIDDEN item challenges, PUZZLE solving, AND bold DETECTIVE work.
when a grim homicide interrupts a non-public detective’s excursion on the very gate to the inn at which she become going to live, she puts her plans for R&R on preserve and units out to do what she does great: solve violent crimes. All she has to go on is a single clue: a mysterious paper lily connected to the victim’s frozen frame. ought to it’s the killer’s calling card?

CRIME secrets and techniques: pink LILY functions extra THAN 30 stunning HAND-PAINTED HIDDEN item SCENES SET within A SNOWY environment!
cut off by a snowfall and left to her very own gadgets, the protagonist will want to position her detective competencies to paintings as she questions possible witnesses, searches for clues, and follows a trail that leads her deep into the grimy dealings of a small town full of big fish and other enigmatic characters.

discover CLUES IN the game’S specific DETECTIVE MODE TO resolve THE thriller!
become the tragic loss of life of a younger journalist, Lilly, a few years returned most effective an coincidence, or turned into it one way or the other related to the mysterious new murder? Is the killer seeking to send a sinister message? in that case, why, and to whom?

surprising PUZZLES AND surprising TWISTS!
as it seems, there’s extra to the bleak tale than meets the attention, and no longer anybody at the inn is who they appear to be. Will the non-public investigator manipulate to music down the offender?

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