DEAD TARGET 2 v1.0.162 Apkyear 2072, the sector is surrounded by using zombies. The human has to stay underground or internaldeserted homes. there’s a group of survivors names MPS-16 who desires to collect other living one. they’rejourneying round the sector to locate elements and survivors.
there may be a information from activated radio stated that a few scientists are living accessible. So the MPS-16 is going out to store the ones scientists with the hope that a remedy can be created to shop mankind. deadValley inside the middle East is a target for this excessive dangerous journey.

A museum of records is in which the team gets trapped via many zombies at the first time of the adventure. MPS-sixteen has to combat over night time with few numbers of components and guns. there’s a secret has been determined after that night which make the group strongly accept as true with in their target. a realjourney begins at that second.

dead goal 2: Zombie is an intense FPS recreation with:
huge variety of guns which can bring you real experiences
revel in the realistic 3-D characters and environments
you may select your first-class teammates and weapons on your tactic
– There are wide variety of character’s ability and gun’s impact
defend your base and combat with other warring parties round the sector
– Saving different survivor for conflict and locating new substances and guns
dealing with with many sorts of dangerous zombies and executives

EPIC effects
practical lights and texture present characters, zombies, weapons and environments
– Characters have exceptional appears and ability device provide greater bendy approach
guns can view in 3D mode and can personalize with many elements
– Zombies and bosses have extra behaviors and skills

– Characters are separated into exclusive lessons with unique abilties.
– Appearances and abilties are based totally on class which bring the distinct for each character
each elegance and use simplest one form of weapon and correctly in opposition to one sort of zombie
man or woman can be leveled-up and the rarity is defined by the range of starts offevolved
– The zombies are extraordinarily risky with many styles of behaviors and capabilities
– The Boss seems like a massive and may clutch any creatures near to it
– There are constantly new sort of zombies, which seem in new locations
choosing accurate weapons can help to take down zombies quicker

– Many sorts of gun can be viewed in 3-d component
– Gun may be custom designed with various components
special effects make the gun the more potent and greater powerful.
– Gun can randomly find in the sport with a alternate to get most powerful gun

player has exchange to guard and combat with another combatants round the arena
shield your very own base and ruin different building to get foods and fuels.
there may be a ranking system to evaluate all gamers.

big BATTLES IN exceptional places
participant can tour thru many places to discover materials and survivor
there are numerous specific locations with new challenges and zombies
each location includes a mystery which waiting for revealing
player wishes to prepare a good strategy for every map.

The update is coming! Get equipped, every survivor!
help greater gadgets.
• Optimize the game to reduce lag and RAM utilization.
• Now participant can trade the Sensitivity within the Settings Menu.
• Rebalance the issue of a few marketing campaign Missions and increase the challenge Rewards.
• In PVP, The Refresh Button now has a cooldown time.
enhance the FPS feeling: 1st man or woman gun function, bullet trail, zombie model,…
upload person’s identification into putting menu
enhance login gadget with Android identity

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