DomiNations v5.510.510 APK: From legendary sport clothier Brian Reynolds (Civilization II, upward push of countries), DomiNations is an epic new approach sport of exploration, advancement, and conquest. Lead your kingdom to closing victory at some point of all of human records

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from the Stone Age to the space Age! build your capital town, pick your kingdom from a number of thegreatest civilizations of the sector, and defeat rival Alliances to become the maximum effective ruler on the planet!


select your kingdom to achieve the rewards, special powers, and specific devices of the British, Romans, chinese, Germans, French, jap, or Greeks.
strengthen through all of human history and come to be the primary player to release the secrets of technology like Cavalry, Gunpowder, and Flight!
Recruit the maximum storied Generals from antiquity, along with Alexander, Cleopatra, and Napoleon!
growth your renown by building Wonders of the world, from the Pyramids to the Statue of Liberty!
be a part of an Alliance and co-perform to defeat enemies from around the world!
overcome the world in singleparticipant campaigns from the Fertile Crescent to the Peloponnesian warfare!
when you have any troubles with the sport or need to ship us comments, please contact us in sport by using going to Settings > customer support or visit
thanks for playing!
A community connection is required. the sport is loose to play, with additional purchases to be had in-recreation. in case youdo not need to make purchases in-game, please disable in-app purchases out of your device settings.
privacy policy:
phrases of service:


Introducing the global Age!
• New enhancements for all present unit types, and three modern-day units: Transports, Bazookas, and Mortars!
extra building upgrades!
• Get the brand new Air Superiority Blessing and watch your planes dominate!
• Generals now have 10 additional tiers!
• Library enhancements with 4 new Techs: Command, struggle, Resistance, and heritage
Multiplayer warfare Refactor!
closing or crashing out of a world conflict or Multiplayer battle will now shop your stars, resources and progress!
What’s in the MOD:
1. All sixty six Archivments whole – 8k crowns without spending a dime{New}
2. All quests whole , simply claim them
3. Hunt an animal and also you’ll get 9879876 Gold – It don’t paintings with crowns
four. Hunt an animal and you’ll get 9879876 food – It don’t paintings with crowns
five. Hunt consume only 1 citizen
6. collect food from bushes and also you’ll get 9879876 food
7. only 1 citizen wished
8. timber regen time set to eight seconds
9. gather Gold from Mines and you’ll get 9879876 Gold
10. most effective 1 citizen wished
11. Mines regen time set to eight seconds
12. FreeUpgrades – you can upgrade a building even in case you don’t have food , gold or oil
thirteen. InstaBuild / InstaUpgrade – build/improve time reduced to zero
14. Troops teach rain value is 0
15. speed up fee ( troops training ) is 0 crowns [New] 16. Spell cooldown decreased
17. Spell radius maxed
18. Troops , tactics , Generals , manufacturing facility & aircraft upgrade speed up cost is zero crowns you’ll need just mealsgold or oil

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