DRIFT v2.9 APKbased on the VRJAM Gold award-winning game, waft is a one-of-a-type experience performed from the attitude of a bullet.Image result for DRIFT APK


Designed for Google Daydream VR

primarily based on the VRJAM Gold award-winning game, go with the flow is a one-of-a-kind revel inperformed from the perspective of a bullet. waft absolutely exploits the opportunities of digital reality to offer a hard new gameplay paradigm.

observe Walter in a loopy journey and try to achieve perfection even as exploring beautiful environments. Use your gaze to freely fly through rather immersive suspended scenes and try to avoid boundaries till you find your goal.

absorb the mission and fly throughout the 15 precise environments of the primary story to unlock 6 hidden levels and infinite modes.

BONUS : experience limitless slowmotion every Saturday!

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