Fast Reader Pro. Eye training v1.5 build 25 APKeducate and enhance your reading up to the mark 1500 word/minute !
Create and open your ebook again and again (You’ll like this) !
fast-reader-pro-eye-trainingin case you need to teach your studying to speed 1500 word/minute inside the brief termabsolutely install pace Reader, reproduction text, create e-book and study ! It’s fun and fast!
After 1-2 week you’ll can read on speed 500-six hundred word in minute.
you could alternate velocity of studying, length of text and coloration of textual content.
you may study in night mode, it’s very conveniently.
if your want to improve your reading talent 1 week or much lessthis is exceptional for you !
This appication very speedy and easy to use.
certainly appearance to middle of the screen and study !
This application makes use of a technique known as speedy Serial visual Presentation to permit you to study faster.
This utility makes use of a Spritz – like generation (RSVP redading technique).

What’s on this version :

read PDF, TXT and FB2 format
fixed record studying

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