GUNTAI v1.01 APK: In a global in which “individuality” is destroyed, the simplest surviving life form are GUNTAI: the swarming frame. Storming thru cycles of demise and resurgence, GUNTAI speeds ahead at the vast wastelands.

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1. New Interactive experience of driving the Swarming frame

you’ll be guiding a swarming frame known as GUNTAI, a flock made of as many as 500 birds.
revel in the dynamic sensation of exactly simulated swarm conduct via riding GUNTAI to fly via the sector. A unmarriedmistake can kill over a hundred birds, while many greater may join in the next second. thru cycles of loss of life and resurgence, GUNTAI pushes ahead with terrific velocity.

2. easy and Profound game detail

The regulations of the sport are simple. The aim is to drive GUNTAI as a long way as feasible inside a given time frame.
the rate and length of the swarming body boom as you pick out up different birds resting at the ground. the bigger the flock, the quicker and farther it could journey. you may tighten the flock formation and growth velocity by using tapping the display screen to prompt the booster object. The timing to apply this object can substantially have an impact on your overall performance.

three. countless space and song That continually Evolve in actual Time

the gap and limitations through which GUNTAI travels are generated dynamically in endless versions,
renewing the experience of thrill and exhilaration in each consultation.
The temper is further amplified via actual time generated music that responds to the formation of the flock. wear headphones and raise volume for the maximum exciting revel in!

Requires :Android 4.4 and up


 GUNTAI- screenshot  GUNTAI- screenshot  GUNTAI- screenshot

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