ImageMeter Pro – photo measure v2.6.1 Apk: ImageMeter lets you degree dimensions, angles and areas in your photos readily. No greater want to attract a caricature of your condo or furniture. really take a photograph and annotate it with the size on yourcellphone or pad.

ImageMeter Pro - photo measure

ImageMeter has the broadest aid for Bluetooth laser distance size devices. maximum gadgets from Leica, Bosch, CEM, Hilti and TruPulse are supported (see under for complete listing of devices).

What is also special about ImageMeter is that it permits you to measure within the photo long once you took the image. It often occurs that when taking the photograph, being lower back at home or in the workplace, one realizes that some vital distances have now not been measured. this is no trouble anymore with ImageMeter, because it enables you to measure the lacking lengths immediately from the snap shots, afterwards. additionally, with this feature, you can also effortlessly degree at locations that are too difficult to attain. This works each time the gadgets you want to degree are inside a aircraft (although it is most effective digital) and if you could provide a reference rectangle for ImageMeter. ImageMeter will deal with all angle foreshortening and still measure effectively. you may additionally have as many dimension planes in one photograph as you want.

– measurements of lengths, angles, circles, and arbitrarily formed areas based totally on a unmarried reference object
– export to PDF, JPEG, and PNG
type your photographs into subfolders and export complete folders as ZIP files
– Bluetooth connectivity to laser distance meters for measuring lengths, areas, and angles.
– metric and imperial devices (even codecs like 1′ 2 three/4″ are supported)
value enter with autocompletion
text annotation with user definable preset texts and automatic text formatting

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