League of Stickman Zombie v1.2.2 APK: is one of the great action aspect-scrollers in 2016! With grand tiers, flashy abilities, stylish device, explosive combat, the game is a great aggregate of Stickman and zombies that takes players into the destiny, whereinthe arena is overwhelmed by means of zombies, to shop the humanity!

League of Stickman Zombie is one of the first-class action side-scrollers in 2016!

League of Stickman Zombie

heritage story:
it is A.D. 2050. The extremists’ organic weapon research caused a chemical leakage that inflamed mosthumans and grew to become them into zombies. Social order disintegration and tragic activities contributed to the death of most of humanity. A small part of the inflamed gained supernatural powers because of genetic mutations, and that they shaped an alliance to combat the zombie apocalypse. A warfare to save humanity has commenced

satisfactory motion game of the 12 months
The maximum expected action game of 2016. you could revel in the thrilling sensation with capabilities like Double-Hits, Levitation and lethal combos! Come experience the heat and slay some monsters!

Heroes joining Forces
greater heroes unlocked and extra heroes to team up with! be a part of forces with others to combat the Monster King BOSS! choose your personal group now and begin preventing!

conventional Stickman Hero
the various styles of Stickman Heroes, together with melee combatants or longrange attackers, will come up with the nice combat enjoy!

nice visible experience
86f68e4d402306ad3cd330d005134dac snap shots! beautiful computer graphics! League of Stickman – Zombie gift you the nice gaming experience!

simple & easy Operation
Freely switch among heroes and grasp their four distinctive capabilities. you’ll have the excellent fight enjoyyou ever had!

world Leaderboards
We offer global leaderboard, us of a leaderboard and buddy leaderboard. Your crew can compete with playersaround the world. Beat all others and be the Champion!

Requires :Android 2.3 and Up

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