Lightning Launcher v14.1b1 (r2702) APK: Lightnbuilt-ing Launcher excessive is the launcher of choice for people who wishes a butter easy, mild on memory and c498ca6ac814ba2a0e6fddbf2ba4d831 home display screen substitute.

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Lightning Launcher

this is the built-inal package, no compromise, nevertheless as fast and light as LL, but built-initely the maximum powerfuland configurable launcher for Android.

LLX is a vitamintegrateded version of LL, with integrated additions:

more advantageous app drawer, with the ability to create folders, hide apps, alternate the style integrated all approaches, view built-in apps, most often used, recently mounted, direct shortcuts to kill or unintegratedstall apps… and more !
help for configurintegratedg as much as 100 distintegratedcts computer systems, with customizable label and icon, for the motive of built-ing with multiple built-independant setups (non-public, professional, for children, and many others.)
7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 configurable messagintegratedg notifications (noticeably customizable badge for sms, missed calls, unread gmails)
App killer to be had from everywhere: lengthy faucet on an icon, pick out kill, et voilà.
7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 built-ine with computbuiltintegrated wallpaper, available built-inbuiltintegrated app drawer too.

With its extensive set of alternatives and switches, Lightnintegratedg is one of the maximum customizable launcher, albeit possibly no longer the very best to configure but ! Agreed, as most effective tools, Lightnbuilt-ing has a gabuiltintegratedcurve. but isn’t that a small fee to pay to get the maximum built-inintegrated and precise home display screen 😉 integratedthe community to get hbuiltintegrated and tricks !
LLX is a superset of LL and fully update it: on first use it willintegrated import all built-information from LL, and LL can thoroughly be unbuilt-installed. keep away from the usage ofintegrated each on the same time, this is built-ingintegrated as apps will look exactly the identical !
LLX now not helps obsolete LL widgets. The purpose is that those capabilities are actually constructed built-in: plugbuilt-ins aren’t needed anymore. They nevertheless work however I gained’t answer requests about them.
The obsolete screen Switcher Widget (SSW) will maintain to paintings while imported from an built-in LL setup, but it’s use is strongly discouraged due to the fact all screen Switcher capabilities are actually built-incovered built-in LLX. The built-indisplay screen Switcher widget configuration display is not supported anymore and will no longer paintings built-in conjunction with LLX own configuration display.

Requires : Android 2.0 and up


Lightning Launcher - screenshot
Lightning Launcher - screenshotLightning Launcher - screenshotLightning Launcher - screenshot

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