Mind Games Pro v2.4.9 APK: All games consist of your score history, a global pinnacle ratings listing, and graph of your progress. the primary app suggests a summary of your excellent games and these days’s scores on all games. the use of a few concepts of standardized checking out, your ratings are also converted to a standardized scale so you can see wherein you need work and excel.
Abstraction – workout your capacity to speedy differentiate between phrases with a concrete vs. summary that means.

attention schooling gameexercise your brain’s attention. based totally on the flanker interest venture. practice your potential to disregard competing data and processing speed.


Anticipation – practice your capability to assume and reply rapidly.
changing guidelinesexercise your attention, attention, processing speed, and mental flexibility.
Divided interest I – exercise your ability to divide your attention and respond hastily.
Face reminiscence – Memorize a group of faces and then see if you can recollect them.
Math starpractice your primary mathematics abilities, pace, and interest to element.
Racer reminiscenceexercise on your mind’s running reminiscence and processing pace.
Span memorypractice your verbal and nonverbal running memory to growth the span of your instantaneous memory.
reminiscence flowpractice your visual and verbal reminiscence for the go with the flow of activities.
reminiscence healthyexercise your memory for finished obligations.
mental categoriesexercise your processing velocity and brief categorization abilities.
intellectual Flex – exercise your cognitive flexibility and ability to disregard competing records.
Serial reminiscencelearn a series of 10 numbers and faces in as few trials as you could.
Self-Ordered studying for items – Memorize a sequence of objects the use of a chain you decide.
Spatial memory – Memorize the locations of the tiles that turn over with increasing numbers of tiles.
speed triviacheck and enhance your expertise of preferred trivialities and data.
Vocabulary big nameimprove your vocabulary and spelling skills.
Vocabulary electricity – An un-timed a couple of desire vocabulary project.
visible memorytake a look at and exercise your visible reminiscence abilties.
phrase memory – Memorize 30 words and spot if you can bear in mind them.
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