Rescue the Enchanter v1.9 Full Apkhold the journey of The Enchanted Books on this plenty longer point-and-click on fashion puzzle adventuregame. search for the enchanter who has been trapped for years within the enchanted world of the final ebook you found! find clues, remedy puzzles, and find equipment along the manner needed to unlock and discovervast, unique worlds and rescue the enchanter.

Rescue the EnchanterUncle Henry has commenced to look for the enchanter inside the ebook, but became unsuccessful so he is leaving this important task to you. He left clues inside the enchanted world in the e book that will help youfor your adventure.

Your Uncle Henry has been famend for coming across misplaced treasures for as long as you could do not forget. His legendary tales of adventure excited your creativeness as you have been a child growing up. Now along with your newly acquired archeology abilties, he has been reaching out every so often to your help in tracking down a number of those difficult to find treasures.


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