Shark World v6.93 Apk:  is a free Android Application available on Google Play Store: Welcome to Shark world in which you can have specific ocean shark species, build underwater domestic, and build your underwater shark global. discover the mysterious international of underwater animals. gatherinteresting sea sharks like hammerhead shark, Angel sharks and prehistoric ones like Megalodon. Feed, increase, Crossbreed and struggle with your sea monsters.

Shark World


loose to play!
Underwater surroundings.
Park constructing sim game.
A extensive range of thrilling sharks.
A huge type of interesting sea Shark to reproduce.
fight in underwater struggle area.
Make your own team of Sharks and take them to battle!
diverse struggle stages where your sharks can compete for prizes.
The whole island is open for you!
Evolve your Shark into epic form and discover an thrilling a laugh international!
custom elemental habitats for each form of Sharks.
The Decor area is full of elegant and appealing decorations.
A crossbreeding mechanism, which brings out distinctly sensible consequences!
control your water international as you would in real life– this includes feeding your shark, and arranging foodresources.

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