Sonic 4™ Episode I v1.5.0 APKproposing superior gameplay factors, along with the traditional Sonic Spin sprint, and the versatile Homing attack, Sonic four choices up right wherein Sonic and Knuckles™ left off.

Sonic 4™ Episode I

2 specific tiers!!!
two exclusive degrees constructed in particular for smartphones using the accelerometer.

NEW moves
All of Sonic’s traditional moves are available, inclusive of the more moderen Homing assault a good way toadd a new level of manipulate and pleasure.

conventional SONIC levels
Race thru 4 particular zones containing four acts each as well as 7 unique tiers.

unique degrees return
A staple of the Genesis-era games, the special stages return allowing enthusiasts to accumulate the 7 Chaos Emeralds and free up wonderful Sonic.

made over conventional BOSS BATTLES
Dr. Eggman returns with new and progressed mechas and will cross berserk when he accumulates harm.

GamePro – “…this appears and feels like a authentic Sonic game, deserving of the “4attached to its identify.”
IGN – “After an afternoon in its presence it’s emerge as seared in our judgment of right and wrong similar tothe classic stages of the early Sonics – and genuinely that’s cause enough to believe in Sonic the Hedgehog 4.”

What’s New

We’ve been busy jumping round squashing bugs and consuming chilli puppies.

Requires Android:2.1 and up

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Sonic 4™ Episode I