Space Food Truck v1.2.285 APKSpace Food Truck is a cooperative, culinary sci-fi adventure. 1-4 gamers tackle particular roles aboard the Galaxy gourmand, and that they’ll all want to paintings in live performance to be triumphant! similar to on a real space food truck.
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Space food Truck:

• The Captain charts your path.
• The Chef crafts scrumptious recipes.
• The Scientist researches effective abilties.
• The Engineer maintenance and improvements the deliver.

every character starts the game with a small deck of 10 cards, which you’ll play to transport around the deliver and do your task. You should add a card on your personal deck every flip, and you’ll be reshuffling and drawing gadgets and skills from all of it game long.

Your project: entire three recipe goals before a merciless destiny claims your ship! You’ll scour a procedurally generated galaxy on the lookout for uncommon ingredients, craft them into delicious dishes, and take them to the planets that crave them.


supports 1-four gamers.
skip the device domestically, or take turns on line with asynchronous play.
pass platform assist: play with all people on any supported device!
four problems: mild, Medium, Thai warm, and Dragon Sweat
• Our procedural galaxy holds new surprises each play via!
games closing 1-2 hours, store and stop whenever.
• 27 Achievements to address
What’s in this model :

reduced reminiscence consumption while coping with player inventory and individual abilties which include Scientist’s “mutate”.

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