Space Marshals 2 v1.3.1 APK: This isn’t your everyday double stick shooter. The accentuation is on strategic war and stealth, as opposed to surelyshowering shots, and there is a story!

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Strategic fight

make use of the earth in addition bolstering your excellent fortune. dodge attacks with the aid of in search of shelter. Flank adversaries for additional productiveness, however abstain from getting flanked yourself! make use of the apparatuses of the exchange to pick out up an edge – frag explosives, streak blasts, rambles, weapon turrets, nearness mines and a outstandingdeal greater


pick out your approach precisely. a few say strolling into the shred, guns bursting, isn’t always normally the reply. make use of diversions to unmarried out adversaries. make use of stealth takedowns and hushed weapons to clandestinely lower the foe numbers. Hack weapon turrets to show on their lords. Draw various adversary groups collectively and let them war eachother.

Stack OUT and tools

choosing your heap out is a first-rate some part of your strategies. notwithstanding body reinforcement and explosives you could carry one -gave and one unbiased weapon – and there may be some thing for everyone. Shotguns, handguns, strike rifles, rifleman rifles, crossbows, energy weapons, tossing tomahawks and the sky is the restriction from there.

Tactical top-down shooter
terrifi. stylistic HD graphics
20 missions with performance based rewards. TAMI is watching you!
wide choice of guns and equipment. Over 70 exceptional weapons.
more than one factions to combat – or pitch towards every different
dual stick controls with a set of various options
Gamepad controller assist
Google Play achievements
What’s in this version :

constant a crash on launch difficulty affecting older Android variations.

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