Steampunk Syndicate v1.0.4.0 Apk: Steampunk Syndicate is a completely unique tower defense with elements of collectible card games.Steampunk Syndicate

Steam era has all started. The high-quality Revolution has been ending with the defeat of revolutionaryrebellion forces. There are most effective few heroes left. Syndicate is taking over the energy and begin terrorizing human beings.

In secrecy, a long way from civilization rebels have constructed The Defender – a massive steam robotic. The last hope to eliminate the tyranny. With the Defender rebels are coming returned to combat and this time they are truly geared up.

The only trouble is that the Syndicate located out the rebels’ plans and wants to destroy the robot.
Your essential goal is to defend it.

Steampunk Syndicate is tower defense recreation made in great steampunk placing. We created an ingeniousgame global with a variety of charismatic characters, steampunk weapons, towers and beautiful incrediblyspecific degrees consisting of the city, flying conflict Cruiser, Submarine and lots of extra.

In Steampunk Syndicate you need to ruin waves of enemies via building protective towers of different kinds. There are 4 forms of towers in the game now: gatling gun, firethrower, bomber and electrobot. furthermore, the participant could have an opportunity to manipulate special units – heroes and use a number of specialobjects and attacks.


update with new gameplay and terrific functions!
New tiers
fight towards enemies in equipment factory and catacombs!
Now characters have voices!
New cutscenes
study extra about the arena of Syndicate with new stunning cutscenes!
live with us, and feature a pleasing holidays!

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