Ultimate Bird Simulator v1.2 APKjump into a cutting-edge adventure as an impressive Eagle, rapid Falcon, or a colourful Parrot! For the first time ever, select from TWELVE PLAYABLE BIRDS! hunt down food in a huge sensible world, lay eggs, enhance your flock, and free up exciting new playable birds as you enjoy the lifestyles of a bird!

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cutting-edge features

sensible SIMULATOR
You’ll need to keep your health, starvation, thirst, and electricity even as ruling over the considerable blue skies!

choose out of your favourite species of birds in a unmarried recreation! emerge as a Eagle, Crow, Parrot, Duck, Owl, Falcon, Stork, Seagull, Bluejay, Toucan, Cockatoo, and a Hummingbird! every species has their personal households, experience, and levels!

check your abilities in opposition to SIX exciting boss battles! A lethal winged foe who lives off of blood lies in wait! A risky predatory pussycat is ready inside the snow covered peaks to pounce to your entire flock!

construct YOUR FLOCK
Dominate other birds or convey them a treat to recruit them in your circle of relatives! customize and play as any hen for your flock and create a effective circle of relatives!

improve YOUR infants
Hatch babies as a way to grow into effective members of your family! care for you toddlers even as they may be are young, locating meals for them and sporting them on your mouth!

customise YOUR BIRDS
pick out your animal’s call, appearance, abilties, and attributes to supplement your flock members and emerge as a extra effective group!

advantage experience with the aid of catching and consuming your prey, worrying in your family, and completing missions! stage up your birds to boom their fitness and assault damage, earn points to improve your stats, and increase the dimensions of your flock!

EARN STAT factors
Stat points may be used to offer bonus’s to tendencies like health, crucial attack risk, Flight speed, and muchgreater!

Buff points may be used to upgrade your Screech and contact Buffs, which create transient Stat Boosting auras around your chicken when energetic!

Your prey now realistically dangles from your talons as you carry them!

Procedural weather machine with unique storms, clouds, sun, and stars! And the brand new changing seasons!

massive practical three-D environment
explore a global so huge we created 16 specific dens on your birds to stay in! explore a dense mountainous woodland, a tropical jungle island, an arid rocky land, and the frosted peaks of the arctic!

hunt down animals like squirrels, rabbits, mice, deer, birds, crab, fish, raccoon, fox, beetles, grub, worms, ants, geckos and many more! Smaller birds can scavenge for fruit, seeds, and nectar from flora!

non-compulsory BLOOD results
if you are of age or have your parents permission, turn on the state-of-the-art blood outcomes for broughtfight ferocity!

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