Untethered v1.0.1rc3 APKunravel the mystery of Untethered, a Daydream distinctive and quirky episodic VR collection blending comics and radio drama, into a videogame you can talk to.Image result for Untethered APK


using your very own voice to talk to characters, and your trusty laser pointer arm to interact with the world, you join the tale and piece collectively what’s occurring in a coastal Oregon city of honest hardworking oldsters where everything feels a bit too improbable.

If you could live internal a traditional radio drama, speak to its invisible characters and have interaction with the environments the tale painted on your mind, you might find yourself in a global like Untethered.

who is the man leaving voicemails? what’s he searching out? What exactly is this atmospheric phenomenon each person is speaking approximately? With each new episode, discover new locations and meet new characters, as you get to the bottom of the mysteries of Untethered.

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