Wands v1.1.02 APKmovement Packed Magic Duels – competitive Gameplay – incredible conflict Arenas – powerful Spells – Strategic Wand Loadout – Spectator helpImage result for Wands APK
Take on the role as a mysterious Wielder in an alternate 1880’s London. Equip your wand with a extensiveform of spells and struggle other Wielders for reputation, power and glory inside the amazing realms of The past. discover new spells and practice your skills in your secret workshop in among battles.
WANDS® is a first character fully cellular VR experience that gives fast paced magic duels against otherplayers on-line.

development and unlock new spells via winning battles and choose your personal method to defeat your fighters. Use the spectator characteristic to watch others war in actual time.

“Wands feels like a great combination among the depth of a aggressive arena sport and the immersive experience most effective virtual fact can offer. leaping in and gambling is a breeze way to the intuitive VR controls, yet there’s fantastic intensity and strategy to grasp within the many exclusive aggregate of spells.”

– Erik Ortman, Lead consumer Interface fashion designer. Battlefield 1

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