Zombie Defense Apk v11.6: A modern-day hybrid of the traditional RTS and current Tower protection.
Recruit infantrymen, location them on slots and let them shoot incoming waves of zombies with the aid of their own.

Zombie Defense

these days, 7 billion people live on our planet.
Over a hundred billion lived and died on it in the beyond.
What if only a tenth of them came back… for us?


Manually circulate infantrymen among slots, improve slots and infantrymen, order materials,
throw grenades and molotovs, order airstrikes and perform massive bulldozers.
perfect mix of method, tactics and micromanagement.

Earn money on missions and spend them among missions to buy everlasting technology, enhancements, guns ect.


forty six missions.
4 problem modes normal, nightmare, three guy project, tv undertaking
22 sorts of recruits.
150 permanent enhancements between every project.
eight basic enemy types, from shambling creatures, to crawling horrors, to speedy predators.
2 styles of large mutant zombie bosses for extra movement.
Zombie birds
A gun rack of weapons, from trusty .38s, to lethal shotguns, to ultraaccurate sniper rifles.
excessive explosives to turn zombies into crimson jelly.
Molotov cocktails to prevent zombies with a blazing inferno.
Heavy cars to weigh down each zombie in their route.
Laser-activated turrets.
Devastating airstrikes.
Tesla towers
supply deliveries.
actual-time soldier enhancements, recruitment and trading.
infinite mode for hardcore players who crave endless pleasure.
special challenge modes.
excessive replayability lets in you to finish every task and return to it as you please, to earn more money and upward push your score.
full 3-d surroundings, highways, cities and deserts.
everyday free updates with more missions and improvements.

Ver eleven.4
Gold upgrades available in everyday mode

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Zombie Defense